Dual Point Knuckle+Link
VKD - Dual/Tri-Point Knuckle Joint Forging Press 300 to 800 Tons

VKD Series

Straight Side, Dual/Triple-Point Knuckle Joint Press with Link Motion Drive 300 to 800 Tons

Main Applications
Progressive or Compound Cold Forming of Heavy Gauge Parts with Coining, Sheaving, Base Coining and Near-Fine-Blanked Edge
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Main Features
Built-in, Optional, Hydraulic Die Cushion in the Slide-Bolster for triple-action stamping
2 Points/3 Points Tonnage Monitor with load monitoring and overload protection
Motorized Slide Adjustment
Pneumatic Slide Balance
LCD touch Panel interface Control system for all Operations, and
indicators for operation / fault status
Motorized forced type grease lubrication system
Dry type, pneumatic Clutch and Brake system with dual valve system
Jam removal motor reversing system
Lighting system for Tool servicing
Programmable electronic Cam system for interfacing accessories and sensors
Strip lubrication system
Safety Light Curtain
Specs / Model VKD 300 VKD 450 VKD 600 VKD 1000 VKD 800 (Three-point)
Capacity, Tf 300 450 600 1000 800
Stroke, mm 100-150
Speed, Variable, spm 20-35
Rated Tonnae point, mm before BDC 8
Shut Height, SDAU, mm 500 600
Slide Adjustment, mm 50
Slide Size, mm LR x FB 1900 x 1000 1900 x 1000 2200 x 1250 2200 x 1250 2680 x 1200
Bolster Size, mm LR x FB 1900 x 1000 1900 x 1000 2200 x 1250 2200 x 1250 2680 x 1200
Customized Specification is possible