Dual Point High Speed
VHD  - Dual Point Straight Side Mechanical Press

VHD Series

Dual Point, Straight Side High Speed Mechanical Presses 30, 45 Tons

Main Applications
Lamination Stamping
Multi-cavity Cupping
Precision Perforating
Scroll Slitting
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Main Features
3 part FC300 Cast and stress relieved Frame with active-stressed Tie Rods
Precision Slide guiding with large Dual Plungers and 4 Post Guides with solid Alloy bearings
Dynamic Balancing and Slide Counter-Balancing
Slide micro-adjustment and Locking
Closed loop Lubrication system with filtering and chilling
Full function Touch-Screen HMI on anti-vibration swivel Pendant
Stamping Job Management with auto Slide Positioning
Full Status and Fault management
4 point Load monitoring and overload protection
Quick Jam release system
Interface for Automation, Tool and Process monitoring
Integrated with full range of Accessories
Specs / Model VHD 30 VHD 45
Capacity, Tf 30 45
Stroke, mm 40 40
Speed, Variable, spm 120-300 150-250
Rated Tonnage point, mm before BDC 1.2 1.2
Slide Size, mm LR x FB 550 x 350 660 x 400
Shut Height, SDAU, mm 170 280
Slide Adjustment, mm 30 50
Bolster Size, mm LR x FB 550 x 450 660 x 500
Main Motor, Inverter, kW 3.75 5.63
Customized Specification is possible